Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Im not anything extraordianry.

I'm just a normal fifteen year old girl who spends her day listening to Wizard Rock, writing Fanfictions, babysitting, thinking up ideas of what will happen next on Chuck, working on school, and Roleplaying.
Over the summer, I play on the Lady Scots Tennis Team. Other times, I play a variety of instruments, that include the Flute, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and others. I have friends like everyone else. (Casandra, Yanett, Selena, Nicole, Brianna, Amelia, Keli, and Kearstin.)

My favorite songs as of right now include:
Dear Diary -The Parselmouths
I went with Draco to the Yule Ball -The Parselmouths
What Kind of Name is Hermione- The Parselmouths
The Only Exception -Paramore
Then I Died- The Moaning Myrtles
Love Song for Professer Lupin -The Parselmouths
Terrified -Katharine McPhee
Because of You -Kelly Clarkson
Mary's Song -Taylor Swift
Speak Now -Taylor Swift

My favorite shows are:
House of Anubis
The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Like I said, I'm not anything special. Just, well, normal.

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